Lawn Care Team Keeps your Lawn Green!

Friday August 7, 2020 comments Tags: lawn maintenance, polk county landscaping


Lakeland LAWN CARE team


A Lawn Care Team Keeps your Lawn Green

Your lawn care team is crucial to the health of your lawn as we head into the dry winter months. Very soon our luscious healthy green grassy lawns will be cut off from the constant heavy rains of summer. With the changing of the seasons many find they are unable to keep up with the complex temperament of their grass during the colder months. 

Maybe each year you too have tried to maintain your yard only to grow frustrated with more and more troublesome brown spots taking over and ruining the life of your lawn. 


Why Hire a Lawn Care Team Now? My Lawn Doesn’t Need to be Mowed Often in the Winter

Having a lawn care team encompasses so much more than just cutting grass. It’s having a Lakeland lawn care team of experts who know and understand the different signs your yard is giving, signs like poor topsoil, missed areas of irrigation, need for fertilization (keep in mind that your lawn care team needs to fertilize before the winter months), addressing problematic chinch bug removal (common garden bugs that don’t respond to most pesticides, who suck up moisture from the grass then poison the blades causing the grass to die), and frequently treating your yard for fungal diseases that are common in moist, warm, climates like ours. 


That’s far too much for any one person or household to Keep Up With 

It’s especially difficult if you don’t see these signs day in and day out, like a lawn care team does because you may not recognize a problem growing right under your nose. In fact, even homeowners who do their own mowing may not really be aware of how temperamental their lawns are. 

Common mistakes include mowing when the grass is wet (causes it to be uneven and clump together blocking out essential light from the developing blades of grass), mowing too often and “scalping” your grass (not allowing enough time for roots to grow a healthy and strong root system by exposing it frequently it won’t last through the seasons), and mowing too low can make your grass weaker, allow weeds to take hold, and kill your grass. A lawn care professional takes the guesswork away from your shoulders, the signs are all there, so why not rely on an expert Lakeland lawn trimming and  lawn care team to be your interpreter. 


We’re your local Lakeland lawn maintenance and lawn care team that will have your neighbors wondering how you kept your lawn green all these months. Contact us at Pyles!