Lawn Care Tips from the Pros for Fall!

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Lawn Care Tips from the Pros for Fall!


  • Water correctly

    It’s true that your lawn will have more morning dew and moisture in the cooler months ahead. However, with the heavy summer rains leaving us his means that your lawn care routine may include some extra H2O TLC. During the winter your roots need to stay well watered to make it through the spring and still be healthy for summer. Get yourself a rain gauge to check and make sure your yard is receiving at least one inch of rain per week. If it isn’t then you know you need to adjust your irrigation systems by enlisting the help of Lakeland Irrigation maintenance experts or sprinklers to compensate. 


  • Aerate your lawn 

    The fall is a great time to work on your lawn's health. One overlooked, but important, component to lawn care is aerating your lawn. This allows nutrients and water to get down to the roots of your grass. You can rent an aerator, and they are incredibly easy to use, you simply walk behind as the aerator punches small holes into the ground. This helps your grass get more water, oxygen and nutrients with better air flow. This is a great way to prep your grass to last through the winter. You can also leave this task to Lakeland lawn care for a more thorough aeration. 


  • Don’t stop mowing!

    It is so tempting to skip mowing over the colder months but if you want to have your grass last through winter and come back to full health in the summer, then you need to keep up with your lawn care and routine mowing. Luckily, your grass is probably not growing at the same fervent rate as it did during the summer, but you should continue to mow it throughout the fall to keep up the health of your lawn. Drop your lawnmower blade to the lowest setting for the last mow or two. This will help the sun reach the crown of the grass and will ensure that the lawn care you do today, will benefit you when the warmer months come back around.


  • Rake your leaves

    We know it sounds cliche, but there are good reasons to rake up your yard when the fall leaves begin to drop (and no, it’s not just to jump in the piles). Removing dead leaves needs to become a part of your lawn care in the fall and winter. Leaves that pile up on your yard are blocking sunlight from reaching the grass. They collect moisture and morning dew that then prevents your grass from receiving this much needed water. When leaves are piled on a spot especially thick, it can kill your grass. Don’t let your leaves get out of control. Even if raking leaves isn’t your favorite thing, you could get a lawnmower with a vacuum system, or a blower that reverses to easily make gathering leaves part of your lawn care routine. 


  • Use those leaves as new mulch

    You have a yard full of leaves? Well, you have free mulch! Once you gather up all the leaves you should consider skipping the cumbersome bagging step and recycle! One of the easiest ways to reuse your leaves is by getting a leaf shredder to break down the leaves and fill in your beds. Many home improvement stores have leaf shredders to rent if you don’t want one year round. Or many of the vacuum systems on lawn mowers will shred them for you. The free way to do it is simply with a car, run over the leaves in your driveway a few times. You can bag them and save it for spring, or use some now and keep some handy to replenish the old leaves if you like doing your own lawn care, or go ahead and use them to refresh your yard's flower beds, trees, and hedges.



Not wanting to go at it alone? Don’t want to spend your weekends prepping your lawn for winter? Get your local Lakeland lawn maintenance and lawn care professional, Pyles Lawn Service to take the worry and the work off your hands!