Lawn Mowing Mistakes You’re Making

Thursday February 13, 2020 comments Tags: lawn service, lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, landscape design




You want a healthy, vibrant lawn… But, yours is looking dull, dead, and even has brown spots dotted all around. That’s an indication you’re probably doing your lawn mowing wrong.


Your lawn mowing routine might seem like it’s not too complicated, but it actually takes more time and effort than most people might think. Here’s what your doing wrong:


You’re Mowing Wet Grass

If you normally have your lawn service provider do your lawn mowing every Wednesday, but this Wednesday there’s a storm forecasted- make sure to reschedule for the day after or the day before. Doing your lawn mowing on wet grass is a big N-O. 

When the grass in your lawn is wet, the grass blades stick together and can make for an uneven cut. Compare it to that time you got a patchy, uneven haircut… It’s unattractive and you don’t want that! Doing your lawn mowing on wet grass can also cause the cut-grass clumps to ball together and get stuck on top of other grass. This can lead to the grass being blocked from sunlight and causing brown, dull patches. Hiring a Lakeland lawn mowing company can ensure that your grass is mowed correctly, while learning the best practices on how to complete this task on your lawn. 


You’re Mowing Too Often

Have you ever heard the term, “scalping your lawn?” This means you're cutting your grass way too often and not giving it enough time to grow. You might be thinking you’re taking a shortcut by getting your lawn mowing and lawn maintenance done ahead of time, but it can actually be backfiring. Hire or consult Lakeland lawn care experts on how to know when it's time to mow your lawn. 

You need to give your grass the proper time to grow in order to build a healthy and strong root system. Too often lawn mowing can make your lawn weaker and ends up giving an uneven look and the roots won’t be strong enough to handle the seasons.


You’re Mowing Too Low

Think of that patchy haircut again… Remember how they cut it way too short? Now, think of your grass. Your lawn mowing and lawn maintenance plan shouldn’t make your lawn look like it’s balding. If it’s too short, not just an eye-sore, but it can make your grass weaker and can even kill the grass or cause weeds to take it over. Make sure that when you’re doing your lawn mowing to not cut it past the suggested ⅓ of the grass height.

While lawn mowing can seem like a simple task, it can take a lot of effort out of you that you might not have. Here at Pyle's, your Lakeland lawn maintenance experts know the exact way to make your lawn stand above the rest. Get your free lawn care quote from Pyle’s today!