Transform Your Yard Into Your Dream Lawn!

Want a gorgeous lawn that you can show off and enjoy to the fullest? You can transform your current yard into your dream lawn quickly & conveniently. Get a lawn you’re proud of with our landscape design & installation!



Transform Your Lawn



Boost Your Curb Appeal

Want to have the best lawn in the neighborhood? A new landscape can transform your home and create a beautiful, welcoming space. Get a lawn you’re proud of with a custom landscape design and installation!


Increase Your Home’s Value

Did you know a new landscape isn’t just beautiful, it can add value to your home? According to Money Magazine, a great lawn can return up to 200% of the original investment when you sell your property. Invest in your landscape now and reap the benefits for years to come!




Enjoy Your Home More

Do you have ideas for your lawn but don’t know how to get it there? We can help you bring your imagination to life with none of the hassle or dirty work. Let us give you that lush, beautiful landscape you've always wanted!






     Getting Your Dream Lawn is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Sign up for Our Package

Our Landscaping Package includes:

  • Design Consultation
  • 1 hour of Plant Bed Prep
  • Irrigation System Inspection
  • (2) 30 g Plants
  • (40) 3g Plants
  • (20) 1g Plants
  • Up to 5 cubic yards of pine bark or natural color cypress mulch

Our package applies to the Front Yard Only with NO additional or hidden fees! 

Only $1950!

2. Create a Design

With our help, you can bring your dream lawn to life! We help you create a design for your landscape that fits your home and your budget. We’re experts on local weather and plants, so we help you choose the best options that will thrive in your lawn. With an expert on your side, you can get your dream lawn!

3. Schedule the Installation

Once we know what to put in your lawn, we can get the project started! We can take care of everything needed for installing your new landscape, including sod installation and debris removal. We do the dirty work for you so you can just relax and enjoy the finished product with no hassle!







Customer Testimonials



Craig said

 â€œI have been using Pyle's Lawn Service for a year and they have done amazing work. Service is professional and the crews pay attention to detail. Highly recommend using them as you will not have to worry about your yard again!”


Michele said

 â€œI’m very pleased with the service I’ve received from David Pyle and his crew.  They’re always on top of everything. Whenever someone mentions how nice my yard looks I sing their praises.”


Heather said

“Pyle’s Lawn Service do exceptional work. They take pride in their job and planning out the work that needs to be done. I would highly recommend this company!”






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