Landscape Design: What You Should Consider

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Did you pass your neighbor’s yard and think “WOW” when you looked at their beautiful landscaping? Well, now you know your next plan for the outside of your home… But, you don’t really know where to start or how to plan your landscape design. With the proper planning, care, and consulting your Lakeland landscape design experts, your lawn can be the best looking one in the neighborhood.


Here are some of the most essential things you should consider when planning for your landscape design:


Know your yard

Don’t plant beautiful flowers or shrubs just for them to wither away and die! One of the biggest mistakes when executing your landscape design plan is picking plants that aren’t able to thrive in your location’s climate or weather. 

So what should you look for exactly? Walk around your yard and figure out what its soil is like, what other plants are surrounding it, and determine where and what the water source is. Also, be sure to understand the amount of sun your yard receives throughout the day. This research is so important because after spending all that time and money - you want a landscape that can thrive and grow throughout the years. Getting to know your yard is the first step into understanding what is best for it. You can also hire a custom landscape design Lakeland-based professionals for creative insights on the appropriate fixtures and plants to put on your yard. 


Think about who will be using the yard

Do you have multiple kids who love to play outside or have a dog whose sole purpose in life is to dig out your backyard?! You need to plan ahead for these scenarios when you’re planning your landscape design! If you have a lot of people who might walk through your yard, something you can plan to do is create some type of pathway or walkway that can let your landscape design thrive in peace. 


Plan for growth and maintenance

While filling out your garden may look great when it’s first installed, they are bound to grow and possibly overcrowd the space. Be realistic with the amount of landscape installation being done and what you’re willing to maintain. A messy, overgrown landscape design is probably not what you’re going for - so avoid this by considering these factors ahead of time. It can also be essential to hire a Lakeland lawn maintenance team to ensure that your lawn is well-maintained and everything is in good condition, 


Planning ahead for your landscape design may seem a little overwhelming, but it just takes time and effort. It’s worth it since you are creating something you can be proud of.

At Pyle’s Lawn Service we understand the impact your landscape design can have for your home and would love to help you plan out and maintain it for years to come. Get your free quote from Pyle’s today!


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